Sales training | Hurdle Race – in 7 easy steps


Hurdle Race – in 7 easy steps is for you who runs your own business; selling a product or service and who wants to learn how to sell better. You may find that everything that has to do with sales feels uncomfortable. You may even experience it as “awful” or uncomfortable and you might think it’s not your thing.

Hurdle Race – in 7 easy steps is also for you who are a sales manager and who may not have the time you really want to give your new salespeople. Here you get access to a sales training from scratch. We go through all the steps and give them what your salespeople need to be able to do when they start selling. Including feeling comfortable and gaining the confidence they need to make calls and hold customer meetings.

During my time as manager, I had the opportunity to build up to several sales departments from scratch. And it was this sales training that I used in all my sales organizations.

The 7 steps are



What do you need to know about your potential customer?

– how do you create a good relationship?

– how do you set the agenda and develop a teaser for your product?

– how do you identify the customer’s needs?

– why should the customer use your product?

– how can you solve the customer’s problems with your product or service?

– how do you end your sale with an order in hand?

Tools for structure and evaluation

  • What you need to know about the company to get the most out of a meeting?
  • USP Exercises:
    How to identify your unique selling points.
  • Checklist:
    How to prepare before a sales meeting.
  • Sales calendar:
    Schedule and organize your sales activities.
  • Key figures:
    What are your key figures and how you can use them.
  • Rightmindset:
    Get your mindset right!