I understand your challenge. For I have certainly myself been in exactly the same situation.”


With more than 30 years of experience in sales, I dare say I have tried it all, both good and bad. Therefore, it is a practitioner and not a theorist that you get when you choose a collaboration with me. I have worked my way through all the challenges: salespeople who don’t come to work, salespeople that are negative, challenges in achieving sales goals, follow-ups on your salespeople, etc., etc.
In other words: if you have a challenge, I have a tool or a plan for, how to attack it and fix it.

A Bit About Me


atarina Nilsson is an entrepreneur from Jönköping, Sweden who understand your challenge.

Because she certainly have stood in exactly the same situation. With more than + 25 years of experience from various positions as sales manager and sales director in medium and large companies.

Her core competence is to build sales organizations from scratch.

She have created and developed many successful sales teams with proven results.

Katarina is a Consulting specializing in sales and sales management. To Increase Sales, Boost Motivation & Get Better Results from Your staff

I hired Katarina Nilsson as a salesperson at the Yellow Pages (De Gule Sider). From the beginning, she radiated a sincere customer-facing energy and in a short time managed to become very well-liked by both customers and colleagues. She achieved exceptionally good sales results and at the same time managed to develop her leadership skills, so she became the first sales manager for our online sales in my time as Senior Vice President. Katarina has an exceptionally good drive and has managed to translate the practical sales work into concepts that are understandable and easy to implement.

Peter Ibsen, CEO PMI Holding

Besides having a great personality and joy to work  with, Katarina is a take-charge of opportunities person who is able to professionally present creative sales ideas and then communicate the benefits out to all of her staff. During my time working for Katarina at DGS, I saw her indirectly increase sales figures & goals, whilst constantly practicing customer service improvement in our department. She is an outstanding lead sparring partner and my experiences in sales management have benefitted great amounts from meetings and joint ventures with her. Katarina is constantly positive, humorous and proactively gets through problem solving with great ease. She does so with an emphatic attitude that clearly comes from within and is backed up by her popularity amongst all.I hope to work with Katarina in the future and can only give him my best recommendations as an all-round leader and motivator.

Christian Taylor, Commercial Manager at Brøndby IF